Thursday, May 27, 2004

Ramblings Courtesy of Timmy


Thank you Kris for creating this wonderful medium for the "vast right-wing conspiracy" to vent on. I've got a few things on my mind that I would like to share.

First, I want to let it be known how sick and tired I am of hearing about the so-called "prisoner-abuse" scandal. I just don't understand some people in this country. Today I was driving home from work listening to talk radio, the original medium for the "vast right-wing conspiracy", and a guy called into to one of the shows. This guy started talking about how horrible this scandal was and how it was an atrocity. Then, he said that the video of Nick Berg getting beheaded was a CIA fake! Can you believe that? I almost got into a car wreck when I heard it, that's how infuriating that comment is. I also heard that Hunter S. Thompson, who many of you know as the author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which is a great book, said today that these photos were more disturbing to him than the atrocities committed by the Nazis. I won't even dignify that comment with a response, you can add you own expletives.

The other thing that I am sick of are the liberal wack-o's that currently reside in the California State Legislature. These people are certifiable. One Assemblyman introduced a bill that would require all new buildings in CA to be built in Feng Shui. Also, I have encountered my first disappointment from Arnold. As many of you know, I have been a long-time supporter of Arnold. I was with him from the beginning. Last week he vetoed a bill that the guy I work for wrote. Clearly, I work for a Republican, so I know what many of you are likely thinking. A Republican governor vetoed a Republican bill? At first I too was shocked. I love Arnold. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that surely I knew deep down from the beginning. ARNOLD is a RINO. It's sad but true. I have been depressed for a week.

On a lighter note, I would just like to say that I thank God every day that Kerry won the Democratic primary. This guy is hilarious. He actually flip-flopped on accepting the parties nomination! Can you believe that? What's new? He was going to not accept his party's nomination so he could raise more money. Typical. Typical liberal, hypocritical, France-loving Democrat.

If I have offended any of my less conservative friends. I apologize this was not my intention. As I always say, politics is not personal. It's not my fault if you're wrong though. Ha!

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Dissension in the Ranks

It is now May 27, 2004. For those that need reminding, that leaves 158 days until the next Presidential election. Yet conservatives have already begun to abandon ship; they smell vulnerability and have begun to pounce on the President with the voracity of rats scurrying off a sinking ship. I’m not just referring to the garden variety RINO’s such as the “beloved” Senators John McCain and Arlen Specter, but also trusted allies such as Richard Lugar. Undoubtedly they don’t want to be hung out to dry if the Bush Administration goes down, who can blame them, but frankly this amount of dissension this early in the game is ridiculous and completely uncalled for. Frankly, I’m tired of conservative alarmists. This election is FAR from over!

Dick Morris was recently a guest on the O’Reilly Factor. He stated, in of course different terms, that this election was rapidly becoming a disaster. The tie between Bush and Kerry is just false hope as the undecided voters represent nearly 17%. These voters supposedly never go toward the incumbent but rather they always go to the insurgent challenger. While this might hold some sort of validity a few points need to be made to my conservative colleagues who are ready to write off President Bush:

- Contrary to what the Democrats say, our country decides its President by a vote in the ELECTORAL COLLEGE and not the popular vote. Thus Gallup polls, while telling of the overall national mood, do not represent what would happen if the election were held tomorrow. Instead, attention should be paid to polls such as the one currently running on the Beltway Boys, which calculates victories in the Electoral College Right now Bush commands approximately 290 votes (more than enough to win the Presidency) and Kerry has about 245 votes.
- WE HAVE 158 DAYS UNTIL THE ELECTION. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. That’s years upon years in the electoral timetable. The election can shift at a moment’s notice. I don’t care if Bush does look vulnerable now; we have lots of time to go.
- The storm has hit with its full force. If this were October I’d be worried sick about recovering from weeks and weeks of mounting causalities, a prison abuse scandal, the assassination of the Iraqi interim-President, and renewed bitter fighting. But remember it’s only late May; the time for panic has not hit. Despite the hardest times imaginable on Bush’s reelection effort he still is tied with Kerry in those media-loved national polls. This tells you something. Even in its darkest hour the Bush campaign is able to remain tied with Kerry. Either this speaks volumes of Bush’s rapport with his core supporters or, more realistically, Kerry is a horrible opponent.

This election is not over. Bush or Kerry still have a chance to run away with the Presidency come November. But to those conservative worriers out there, I for one am not ready to abandon ship. The Bush Administration has provided us with the direction and energy necessary to fighting a successful War on Terror. I know they’ve had their short-comings and problems but we must look to the future and not merely try to save our own political asses and bolt a ship that is not even sinking.

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Angry Al assaults

Yesterday, former Democratic Vice-President and Presidential candidate Al Gore blasted the Bush Administration for how it handled the War on Terror. I'm interested to know how Al Gore, after eight years in the Presidential Administration and who knows how many years as the Senator from Tennessee, found all that energy and vigor inside. Really, I've never seen him that invigorated and full of life. It came as a shock to me. He never had it in him when he was leading the nation but he sure can talk a lot when he's throwing peanuts from the nosebleeds.

Al Gore and the rest of his Democratic brethren are attempting to invoke the spirits of their liberally demented ancestors (also known as the peace-loving, weed-smoking, free and all around-loving hippie). That's not going to work. If they want to dwell in lah-lah land, let them. Americans will make sure not to elect any of them. Thank God Al Gore was not President during 9/11. Let's not forget what transpired under the Clinton regime: 1993 WTC bombings, Moghadishu, Operation: Desert Fox (for what? weapons of mass destruction!!!), the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, and the attack on the USS Cole. And what did we ever do? Lob a few cruise missiles and say, 'eh we're done'. That's weak. And the thought of John Kerry and his 'foreign backers' (who? Hans Blix? That really makes me feel good. next thing we know, Chalabi is going to be one of Kerry's supporters)at the helm of our nation is very disconcerning. I rather have Bush and a strong neo-conservative foreign policy that's looking out for YOUR interests and MY interests first than the rest of the world than cave into the demands of Old Europe and multi-national organizations.

But I digress. Al Gore called for the resignations of Bush Administration officials, including Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, CIA Director George Tenet, and National Security Advisor, Condi Rice. Strange, Gore didn't call for Secretary of State Colin Powell's head either. I wonder why.

Resignations at this time would be a very bad move. Think of the ramifications Mr. Gore before you spew out your liberal and hollow rhetoric. Al-Qaeda would love to see Rummy and Rice gone. Take out the backbone of our national security and you'll soon find that there is no national security left. You might not agree with the war, but that's perfectly fine considering you, Mr. Gore (as well as the Clinton Administration) was in support of regime change in Iraq since the start. Lobbing a few cruise missiles and paying lots of money through the charitable United Nations oil-for-food proram to Saddam so he can receive kickbacks from his French, German, and Russian buddies IS NOT going to topple a regime.

Rumsfeld, for all of the heat and criticism that he has received, has done a brilliant job as one of the brains behind the War on Terror. Together, Rumsfeld and Rice have done a superb job in defending our nation; they could do better (you always can do better), but in no way have they grossly erred the way Mr. Gore speaks of them. They do not deserve the vilification and hatred that has been thrown at their way. Resignation at this point would undermine everything that we have worked for in the past three years.

CIA Director George Tenet, a Clinton-appointee, has received the most flak and rightly so, especially post 9/11. Tenet has become the whipping boy for the Bush Administration; his 'slam-dunk' evidence was the clincher in taking us to war with Iraq. But Bush still has not asked for his resignation. Why? Because such a drastic change in important times would make the War on Terror that much more difficult to conduct. Tenet will face the music when the time comes, but for now, there's really no one else.

Mr. Gore's outlandish remarks today are nothing more than repressed liberal anger. Perhaps Gore feels more spirited and liberal because the speech was sponsored by (one of my FAVORITE organizations). Whatever Mr. Gore's intentions, he should exercise a little decorum and keep in mind that the American people are going to decide the fate of the Bush Administration this November. Don't forget to cast your ballot, Mr. Gore, and don't forget to ask your own home state of Tennessee to vote with you, unlike in 2000.

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