Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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Not much on the blogging front here for us since we're on spring break.

The Social Security reform debate continues, although the media wants you to believe that it's starting to wane. Here's an excellent op/ed today from John Zogby about the ramifications of the attempt for reform. It's a sentiment I have been echoing ever since this discussion began and I hope it does actually happen.

The attack on Alan Greenspan as a partisan hack continues. Sen. Hillary Rodham-Clinton (D-New York), no doubt preparing for her run in 2008, stepped it up during the Federal Reserve chairman's testimony. Here's the testy exchange:

"It turns out that we were all wrong," Greenspan conceded at a Senate hearing.

"Just for the record, we were not all wrong, but many people were wrong," Clinton, D-N.Y., quickly shot back.

Let's not forget that the rosy projected surplus was agreed upon by the CBO and other non-partisan bodies to occur. The two parties disagreed about what to do with the projected surplus. Greenspan does not have a partisan or ideological agenda. His decisions are based on what is best for the economy. Does anyone remember that he raised interest rates during Bush I', right before the 1992 election? Yeah, that really makes him a partisan hack. Admonishing and patronizing Greenspan is embarrassing and downright hypocritical for people who cannot even grasp economics.

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